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  • CSR is less a facet of the Achariyak philosophy than it is an integral part of it. Every Achariyak establishment is more than a hotel, resort, or residential property: it is the sum of its parts, including the landscape amidst which it sits, the community that surrounds it, and the family of employees and guests who occupy it.

  • While every destination offers its own unique challenges, from the supply of fresh water to waste management, employee turnover to environmental degradation, Achariyak’s dedication to our core principles of responsible stewardship is equalled only by our openness to creative solutions.

  • Each Achariyak property incorporates the natural landscape into the resort. Meandering pathways are designed to leave existing flora in place, allowing birds to maintain their homes within the property grounds. Views of nearby mountains and sea are maximized whenever possible, as the preservation of native habitats must be integrated into the spaces we create for the ideal guest experience.

  • No less important than the indigenous flora and fauna are the communities within which Achariyak operates. We consider our properties more than guests of their destinations: we aim to be positive participants in these communities, making them better places to live, work, and visit.

  • This includes both minimizing the impact of the hotel through waste reduction, from the kitchen to the guest rooms, and facilitating the (sustainable management) of these destinations’ natural attractions, whether they’re coastlines, coral reefs or forests.

  • Finally, by creating a livable environment for our employees, including the development of schools, and taking an active interest in the activities of other businesses in the area, Achariyak lives its core values of compassion, sympathy, equality and charity.


  • Protection of local habitats is central to all our property development and management solutions. From designing a new resort’s layout to preserve existing trees to positioning a property’s rooms to maximize the guest-experience in relation to a destinations’ natural attractions, awareness and preservation of Cambodia’s valuable natural environments is a core Achariyak principle.



  • From our kitchens and dining areas to our guest rooms and gardens, Achariyak employs diverse and integrated waste management solutions. Food waste from the restaurants is composted in our gardens, allowing our properties to grow as much produce, herbs, and spices as the land allows, therefore reducing the reliance on goods that must be brought to island properties by boat, for example. Greywater from sinks and showers is used in the gardens and landscaping, while plastic and other packaging is minimized by sourcing edible local ingredients and avoiding single-use plastic in rooms and F&B outlets.



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