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Developing a portfolio of comprehensive services and tailor-made solutions

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Achariyak is a hotel management, acquisition, and development company. We are a family of dedicated hospitality professionals: purveyors of  exceptional guest experiences, industry leaders in community-development and environmentally-conscious business practices, and experts in world-class hospitality.


Since 2018, Achariyak has developed a portfolio of comprehensive services and tailor-made solutions for each project we’ve adopted. At the heart of these services and solutions is the marriage of warm and welcoming Khmer hospitality with international service standards.

Without wavering from our commitment to our core values, we ensure maximum return on investment to our partners, owners, and investors. Achariyak Hospitality has the experience needed to lead your on-site team to your hotel’s fullest potential.

Traditional Cambodian hospitality offers a natural warmth and friendliness to guests from near or afar. Achariyak elevates these traditions, supplementing the charm and grace of our Khmer staff with international service standards of etiquette and professionalism.  

To compete successfully in markets, corporate strategies and business initiatives must have direct bearing on market trend sand customer needs, which in turn, directly impact management, corporate funding and operations. Achariyak performs consultancy services with a macro and micro understanding of:


  • Business strategies from an owner’s perspective;

  • Funding requirements from an investor’s and funder’s perspectives;

  • Operational performance from an operator’s perspective; and

  • Satisfaction from our customer’s perspective.


  •  Advise on strategic development of existing properties and planned developments.

  • Advise on business risk analysis.

  • Advise on strategic positioning of real estate assets. Advise on investment strategies and perform feasibility studies.

  • Advise on marketing and exit strategies.


  • Advise on concept and design development of assets under construction.


  • Advise on restructuring of resources in an organization.

  • Advise on debt restructuring.

  • Advise on refinancing initiatives.

  • Provide financial asset management services.



Besides providing professional management services for hospitality properties, Achariyakprovides pre-operational services covering project conceptual design development services, technical and pre-opening services, and pre-opening procurement and equipping services.


By adopting a one-stop seamless approach, property developers and funders are assured that their properties are developed in accordance with sound concepts that are in turn strongly founded on performance-driven operations.


Hence, feasibility studies, project conceptual design development and technical services are performed by Achariyakwith strong sensitivity to how best a property should be managed in terms of optimal facilities planning, process efficiency and operational yields.

Achariyak’ staffs adopt a hands-on approach to achieve an integrated approach.

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